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Press Release: HELM enters into an exclusive agreement with ACF Minera, Chile

HELM enters into an exclusive agreement with ACF Minera of Chile to form a joint venture for production and marketing of potassium nitrate

Dave Schumacher

Dave Schumacher

Executive Vice President Crop Solutions

Hamburg, Germany, 20. April 2020

HELM AG entered into an agreement to establish a joint venture with ACF Minera for the production and marketing of potassium nitrate and other products. The agreed cooperation marks the entry for HELM into the potassium nitrate market globally and gives ACF the ability to expand its production and consolidate its position as a producer of iodine and sodium nitrate, and potassium nitrate as well as molten salts.

HELM will invest into a production joint venture while obtaining exclusive worldwide rights for the distribution of 120,000 metric tons of potassium nitrate. As part of the agreement, ACF will expand its production capabilities by increasing the volume for potassium nitrate at its mines located in the Atacama Desert, Chile by another 90,000 metric tons. HELM will utilize its established and growing global retailer fertilizer network to distribute potassium nitrate primarily targeting the high value crop segments.

“This is a landmark agreement for us, as we aim to develop our specialty fertilizer product line” says HELM’s Executive Director Olivier Saulnier, “we look forward to partner with our retail customers to provide the market with a high-quality specialty product”.

ACF Minera, a private company of Chile, was established in 1985 and has been producing potassium nitrate, sodium nitrate, iodine for the international markets. “The partnership with HELM will increase our ability to compete and effectively reach many more markets” says ACF Minera’s CEO, Carlos de Urruticoechea, “we look forward to combining ACF’s production expertise with HELM’s marketing reach and competence”.

The execution of definitive agreements and the establishment of a joint venture company are expected to be completed within Q3, 2020.

About HELM

HELM is a Hamburg, Germany, based family-owned company established in 1900. HELM is one of the world’s largest chemicals marketing companies. The company secures access to the world’s key markets through its specific regional knowledge and over 100 subsidiaries, sales offices and participations in over 30 countries.

As a multifunctional marketing organization HELM is active in the chemicals industry, in the crop protection industry, in pharmaceuticals and in the fertilizer industry.

About ACF

ACF Minera is a Family business currently run by the fourth generation of family members. The family tradition in the production of natural nitrates and iodine started in the early 1900, with mining operations located in the Chilean Atacama Desert.
With more than 100 years of experience and technological development, the company produces high quality products to meet the most demanding market requirements, with worldwide presence in the iodine industry for pharmaceutical, medical, feed & food and industrial applications all essential for human development.
During 2004 the company restarted its nitrate operations with new state of the art processing plants for high-quality sodium and potassium nitrates for its use in solar power plants, glass industry, mining explosives and soluble fertilizers for the most demanding fertigation agriculture.