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HELM Skandinavien A/S achieves ISO-22000 certification

Among other activities, Helm Skandinavien stores, dilutes and packs food additives and technical processing aids for the food industry.

Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that all of the processes, from the selection and handling of the product, to packaging and transport, is managed in a manner that ensures the product is not contaminated by hazardous materials along the supply chain. It is essential that food safety is maintained at all times. Only in this way we can meet our customers’ needs to strengthen food safety.

We work to ensure that when our customers use additives or food processing agents supplied by us, they reduce the risk of any contamination of their end product. We work constantly to improve safety, so that we can remain a strong and safe link in the supply chain. We are therefore happy to announce our ISO-22000 certification.

For questions you are welcome to contact our Quality Manager, Lene Gustavsen, via tel: +45 35860910 or email: l.gustavsen[at]helmas.dk.