Young talents welcome

Ricardo de Carvalho is 26 years old and currently works as a Product Manager, servicing the Agrochemical division at the Headquarters in Hamburg. In 2009 he first started his foreign trade apprenticeship at HELM, he wouldn't have imagined being where he is right now career-wise.

After finishing his apprenticeship in 2012, Ricardo started to visit a University after work and received his Bachelor degree in Business Administration one year later. Born in Germany but raised by Brazilian parents, he always had an intercultural influence in his life. Combined with his interest in applied economics, HELM perfectly fit his profile; it involves traveling around the world and a lot of interaction with customers or suppliers, which is one of his character strengths.

In January 2015 Ricardo joined the biggest Crop Protection subsidiary, HELM do Brasil, as a Marketing and Supply Chain Manager. As an apprentice he was able to gain a quick knowledge of the HELM product portfolio, production technology and other administrational aspects. During the apprenticeship Ricardo worked for different departments of different business units in order to receive a better overview which business type is the ideal for him.

After gaining 2 years of experience within the Crop Protection unit with his own portfolio, Stephan Schnabel fulfilled his dream by offering him a position abroad. To his luck, it turned out to be the country of his ancestors.

“This is a dream coming true for me and I am happy that Mr. Schnabel gave me his confidence for this new position. This is a big step for my career,” says Ricardo.

“My ambition was to travel around the world, speak to people and deliver quality products. I guess HELM has sensed this desire for work.”