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Working independently

Torben’s job includes personnel management and cooperation with colleagues within safety, environment, occupational health and quality within logistics, warehouse and production. “It is worth to consider that most of the colleagues at HELM Skandinavien A/S has been with the company for many years. When we work as a team there is still room for each individual and its personality. There is possibility to work independently. For me this is one of the motivating factors, which make me strive to make a difference. The essential issue is to be a part of the successful business, which at the same time is developing. We are moving ahead, we are not stagnant.”

“HELM Skandinavien A/S provides trust in the employment. A trust, which generates loyalty and a desire to perform well. Furthermore I experience a generosity in the company, which you do not find in many companies.”

“Personally my job is my passion – the challenges of the working hours must give meaning and substance. A job and a passion, which is after 12 years still fulfilled, as a part of the HELM team.”