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Being involved

Since his employment at HELM Skandinavien A/S in 2013, Department Manager Lars Storm has been responsible for organic chemicals such as Formic Acid and Propionic Acid. Furthermore Lars also has responsibility for formulated products, especially within feed acid blends, which has strongly developed during the last years.

“In the position I have of course benefited from my experience within chemical sale, but I have also transformed my theoretical knowledge from a Diploma in Business Administration within marketing management into practice through the daily tasks with the products. I have gained a wider understanding of the impact external factors have on the business. For example, world economy affects my daily work because oil prices and currency rates directly influences the sales prices. Also fish quotas have direct influence on the sale, since a great deal of the sale is going to the Norwegian fish industry. The same applies for the general financial situation of the farming industry, where the sale of acids to control salmonella in pig herds highly depends on the debt situation of the specific farmer”.

With responsibility for supplier selection, price negotiation and sales follows broad contacts and a series of challenging tasks. “We import more than 6.000 mt Formic Acid and Citrates yearly from China and with an average leadtime of two months, it takes a good deal of planning to match the stock situation with the demand”.

“I am in daily contact with international suppliers, customers and colleagues in the Group and I like the interaction with people and different cultures. It is also exciting to follow a new product all the way from searching for suppliers with the right quality and documentation to price negotiation and sales. To see the product in use at the customer as the last link in the value chain and to see sales grow for a product, which you brought into the portfolio – that is satisfactory. In this way I am daily challenged in a position, where no two days are alike.”